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“Big Brother 17” spoilers are in, and if they are right it looks like the Vegas professional poker player, Vanessa Rousso, will win the game.And that’s not all; it appears BB17 producers rigged the game to ensure their pick (Vanessa) will secure a big win on the finale night. Vanessa Rousso finishes 3rd on Big Brother amid Conspiracy ... There was a conspiracy theory being floated that CBS rigged Big Brother for Vanessa Rousso to win, in order to promote her upcoming show Poker Face. However, Rousso busted these conspiracy rumors by finishing third place on the popular reality show. Big Brother Cast: Vanessa Rousso -

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the look on her face at the showdown, priceless ... Game Show Loser FIRES BACK At Tony G - Duration: ... Vanessa Rousso Kelli Griggs Poker - Duration: 7:19. SayanZZ13 354,027 views. Vanessa Rousso Enters Music Business, Leaving Poker ... Vanessa Rousso… Poker Legislation ... Vanessa Rousso Enters Music Business, Leaving Poker? ... Of the 15 evictions during that season of the show, Rousso had her hand in 11 of them and would ... Vanessa Rousso - The Lady Maverick - Poker Player ...

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Joe Stapleton - Sideline Reporter - ESPN | LinkedIn SMILEY FACE EMOJI. --Stapes ... I was the host, but also a player on this LIVE poker TV show where I would face off against 5 celebrities. Playing poker ... Host/ Commentator - The PokerStars Cash Challenge. PokerStars .... Vanessa Rousso. 'Big Brother 17' Premiere Recap | Hollywood Reporter Jun 25, 2015 ... That "someone" is a familiar face to the CBS family (we'll reveal that ... They are: Steve Moses, Liz Nolan, Vanessa Rousso, Becky Burgess, ... Or she could have a better show by joining professional poker player Vanessa. Big Brother 17: Vanessa Rallies Support Against Jeff – Big Brother ... For the better part of Saturday night, Vanessa Rousso scrambled to source a justification ... Few minutes later Vanessa arrives and steps up in to Jeff's face. ... How does a pro poker player, great at reading people's tells, calculating the cards, ... I am pretty sure I never saw her on that show at all but then again, it only showed ... Forget Poker Face… Think Poker Maths ! | The Superprof Blog - UK

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Vanessa Rousso to Star in Reality TV Show "Big Brother ... That’s right, poker professional Vanessa Rousso will appear on the next season of the popular reality TV show, Big Brother, which premieres on June 24. What Can't Vanessa Rousso Do? Watch Her Shut Down This ... Who is Vanessa Rousso? She's a top ten female poker ... fans believed the show was ... It is clear to see that Vanessa Rousso is much more than just a pretty face. Vanessa Rousso - Home | Facebook