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As a Cabal online players, do you know How 2 Slotted Item Drop works. why do you get crappy items. OK, read the following information and you will see. OK, read the following information and you will see.

defense rate lv 5 down resist lv 1 stun resist lv 1 alz bomb chance lv 1 alz drop amount lv 5 alz drop rate lv 1 pet xp lv 8 party xp lv 2 Gear: Forcium suit of protective+6 (magic amp in slot 7% / Flee rate +5%) Forcium hands +5 (defense rate +20 in slot) Forcium shoes +5 (2 slot item drop +150% in slot) Lv 166 Blader hr.11 Cap (naked ... Top Guide Cabal Online: Cabal drop list Cabal drop list DS>Desert Scream 1-50 Bugmander * Rol+1 FYI:Ring of Luck+1 lvl 27 +10%crit rate Mummy Blader * Rol+1 Mummy Warrior * Rol+1 *... The Cabal Damage Calculator by LastHour Cabal 2 MY - Home | Facebook Cabal 2 MY. 1.6K likes. Do you want to be the one above all?Are you willing to fight for the weak?Where does your heart truly lie! Cabal 2 SEA server.... Setting 1/2 slot items as a drop - RaGEZONE

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Moon Night Cabal Online EP18 :: Home Moon Night Cabal Online, the free-to-play MMORPG bringing arcade-style action to the world of MMORPG and online games Cabal Expansion Part V – Mr. Wormy

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Something like x2.5 2 slot item drop is pretty good even if it's really low grade. - DT cards. The drop rate for these has went down and the demand has went up. - basic craft materials. Cabal Online Publisher Blog - Blogs Cabaleu's blog titled Cabal Online Publisher Blog. Sell Account Titan Server Chaos Arcana lv 12, RW3 +15 (8% ampli skills, 3 slot= 5% rate ct, 20% ct dmg), Guardian Arcana+12, Halloween Costume 3 slot empty, Turtle rock pet lv 9 (mp, mp, attack rate, abs hp max total increase, Dodge, hp steal, mp steal, resistence … Cabal Online - Introduction | Gamehag

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Originally Posted by [GM]Zaraki of Cabal Euro There’s no SOLO drop, as the generator of items reads the whole data info, not your char info. So the so called “Luck” is not char related, it’s global. So … as more players start to Farm … the Drop Rate is Higher (Higher for both Farmers and non-Farmers) ... Gloves only have 2 Slot Drop ...